Got what I want. Woot.

I first contacted the Band through a Craigslist message in which I said, “Are you interested in a girl as a lead singer? Because I am one.” Remember how I started leading with that when contacting a new potential band? Yeah, good times.

This Band had advertised that they were looking for a lead singer to write original melodies and lyrics. Which was exactly what I was looking for. And exactly what I’d emailed countless other bands about without any luck. So I wasn’t entirely optimistic until the Band messaged me back with the response, “I don’t see why not.”

That response may seem pretty blasé to the untrained eye, but for me, when I got that message, I mean, I just, it was, I don’t know, hope bloomed inside that gaping creative hole. <–Do you see all those commas? Yeah, that’s how flustered I was when I got that.

The Band asked me to send some kind of recording of me singing something. I didn’t have anything. They had sent me some of their music that needed lyrics and in about 2 hours I had chosen a song, written really basic lyrics and, while my kids were playing in the room next to me, held my phone up between my face and computer to simultaneously record me singing with their music. I had to kind of whisper-sing because if my kids had heard me they would have come in to see what I was doing and I would never have been able to finish the recording. So, it was pretty basic. Really basic. You might even say base.

But they listened to it and invited me in for an in-person audition. So I’m betting whatever they received from other people was really bad. Remember that whole high-school-choir-overconfidence-thing? It still happens in adulthood. Yikes.

Worked out for me, though, so I can’t complain.


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