Are you angry now?

The other day at practice:

Me: I need to be angry to sing this song.

Band: Wait, you’re just gonna show up mad one day?

Me: It’s happened before.

Band: What, did your husband do something stupid? Kids misbehaving?

Me: …

So they know I’m a SAHM. Known since day 1. But this was one of the very few times that I felt like they said something even remotely derogatory about my life status. And it was completely unintentional. They probably didn’t even notice the smoke beginning to curl out from my ears.

Why is it that the only things I can be angry about are my husband and kids? Yeah, sometimes they irritate me but it’s hard for them to bring out the kind of anger I need to sing this song.

Why can’t I be angry at the idiot in traffic who rear-ended me at a red light? That would make most people angry, right? Why not me?

What about the real-estate agent who walked into my house uninvited when I was in the shower? Would that piss you off? ‘Cause it did me.

Or that guy in the grocery store parking lot who blocks every lane of traffic waiting for his buddy to run into the store real quick. Is that infuriating to anyone else?

Or is it that I couldn’t possibly notice those things because I’m so busy dealing with my husband and kids? Oh, wait, how dare I say I’m busy. According to a 20-something single guy I spoke with recently I couldn’t possibly be busy and don’t actually work doing anything because I volunteered to be a mother and that’s not really work. Wrong on all counts, but I ignored it because he’s a 20-something single guy (and not a very bright one at that).

My life revolves around my family and there’s nothing else I do besides take care of my family, therefore I can only be angered by things pertaining to my family. Right? Is that about the mentality I’m dealing with here?

Because that’s crap.

How many pharmacists are only ever affected by their work as a pharmacist? Do they get annoyed in a traffic jam? Are they saddened by the latest natural disaster? How about construction workers? Would a bunch of ants in their lunch not ruin their afternoon?

It blows my mind that people can still see a person as just one thing. I am a Mom; I do Mom things. He is a Teacher; He does Teacher things. She is a Veterinarian; She does Veterinarian things.

See the flaws in that logic and stop pandering to the ignorant masses.

I’m ready to sing that song now.


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