Screaming Low Self-Esteem.

I just joined Twitter. I’ve never been on Twitter before in any capacity so this is all new for me and I’m still trying to figure it all out. For the 2 people who may be reading this right now, you may have noticed my Twitter-novice status. I’m still learning. Go easy on me.

I’m trying to find things I’m actually interested in and connect with people who may actually enjoy my blog content but I haven’t quite got the knack for it yet. I’ll get there.

There are few things I’ve noticed on Twitter, though, that I had to talk about.

There are a lot of girls/women who berate themselves publicly. It’s not like self-deprecating comments, either, it’s actual low-esteem, I-think-this-girl-needs-intervention kind of talk. Need some examples?

Self-Deprecating: Wow, the lighting really sucked in that selfie!
Low Self-Esteem: My face is too ugly to take a selfie with the light on.

Do you see a difference? Let’s try again.

Self-Deprecating: Not the best pic of me but you get the idea.
Low Self-Esteem: All pictures of me suck but this is the best I could find.

Please tell me you see a difference. Because there is a huge difference between admitting that a photo of you is not good, and informing the Twitterverse that you are ugly.

Everyone takes bad pictures. Everyone has a bad angle. That’s how tabloids survive! They get paparazzi to follow celebrities and take bad pictures of them, these people who are supposed to be the most beautiful people on the planet.

Everyone has beauty. Everyone has a good angle. Everyone has a good day where they feel great and somehow their face lights up to match and then BAM! that person is beautiful!

Beauty is mostly confidence. Beautiful people know they are beautiful and, therefore, have confidence in the way they look. If you don’t yet know that you’re beautiful, start trying to act like you are: Walk with confidence, upright, unslouching and unconcerned about the way other people view you. And, yes, I just made up the word “unslouching”. Take a yoga class and learn how to stand and walk with your shoulders straight. It’ll do wonders for how confident you look.

Then start believing that you have something to offer. You have beauty in you somewhere! You may not have a supermodel face or an athlete’s body. That is not what defines beauty. Love, given and received, makes you beautiful. Find something to love. Your job, your hobby, your pet, your 3pm herbal tea break, whatever it is, there is something you love and you need more of.

Don’t expect a person to give you love until you love yourself. Don’t expect to love yourself until you can figure out what is about yourself that you love. Don’t expect to figure that out without taking the time to explore who you are. And don’t expect this to be a quick process.

But please figure it out. We could all use a little more love. And a little more beauty.


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