The Metal Gig.

The very first gig I ever played in the Band was in a tiny metal bar. I mean, it was this tiny little bar that invited bands who played heavy metal to perform there. We are not a heavy metal band. So we all laughed when we saw the flyer and discovered the event was called Metal Massacre.

Um. No.

The only reason we got the gig was because our [former] drummer was friends with the owner and got us a show. We were all fine with this being our first show because we had never played live together. It was a good test run.

I Yelped this place before the show and laughed when I saw that most of the reviews said to not go. Just stay home. Don’t waste your money on a place like this. So I was glad we hadn’t invited anyone to come see us play. I don’t think we told anyone about it besides our significant others.

Apparently, neither had the other bands. This was the kind of show where the only people there were members of the bands and their girlfriends. Well, in my case, husband.

Besides the people I knew, there were 12 people there. I counted. And it was kind of perfect. No pressure at all. All my nerves rattled out of my system and fell to the floor of that crappy little bar.

Now when I’m feeling nervous at a show, I think of that night. I think of those 12 people, in this together, wanting the same thing: Good music.

I feel no pressure.

And I rock it.


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