Music Video of Infamy.

Me and The Band just made a music video. I know a girl who makes vlogs and asked her if she could use her fun, easy style to make a video for us. So she did. Well, we shot it, anyway. And I’m really hoping she can work some major editing magic because I did not look all that stellar.

See, what happened was, I had been up super late the night before. I knew I was going to be up late so I planned out exactly how I was going to go about getting ready for the morning of. Because we had to shoot it in the morning. Really early in the morning. On a Saturday. Because it was the only time that worked for everyone. Oi.

So I was up until 1am on Friday. Then woke up at 6am to get ready so that I could be on scene by 9. I was exhausted. Which explains why I decided to switch my outfit and deemed my hair “fine” instead of fixing it the way I had previously planned.

Not a good move. I just saw some stills from the shoot and I’m a little bit mortified. Why did I do that to myself? This video will live on in Band infamy and I’ll continually be embarrassed by the way I look in it. The guys said I looked fine. I disagree. I’ve seen me look better.

Oh, well. Live and learn, right? It’s better than my ugly duckling phase, I can say that much.


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