F is for Funk.

Have you ever been in a funk and you just don’t want to do anything? Anything at all?

That’s where I am right now. The last month has been crazy busy and I think I just burnt myself out with everything going on. It was seriously the busiest month. I had a seasonal job. My husband had a seasonal job, on top of his full-time job. The kids had sports and activities and friends to play with. The Band has a gig coming up so I couldn’t skip out on practice. And, of course, I prioritize things will pay me so all my free time was spent doing work stuff. All of that made it so I couldn’t get much done around the house.

So the laundry piled up and we ate out a lot and the floor wasn’t vacuumed and dishes sat in the sink and I took naps whenever I could (because the seasonal thing was late at night) and watched more TV because I felt I needed more veg time.

But now all that’s over. I’ve got my normal schedule back. But the laundry is still piling up. We are still eating out. The floor remains unvacuumed. You get the idea.

I feel so lame. I’m usually a really on-the-ball kind of person. I get things done. Efficiently. It’s something I pride myself on.

A friend of mine this summer told me I wouldn’t get anything done when my youngest went to preschool. It’s the first year all of my kids have been in some kind of school for any amount of time and I had big plans to get things done while they were gone. She told me she was the same way when her kids all finally went to school but she got sidetracked; She read a lot of books and caught up on shows and didn’t figure out how to get things done until her kids had been in school for a few months. She did nothing.

That didn’t happen to me. I’ve been productive. I didn’t waste my time.

Until now. This being-burnt-out-not-wanting-to-do-anything thing is really lame. I don’t like it. I want to get things done for work then get things done at home. I want to never need naps or veg time or any of that other stuff. I want to be SuperMom.

Or maybe I’ll just hire a maid. And a cook. Possibly a chauffeur. Or a nanny.

But then I’d have to work more to pay the house staff. It’s a vicious cycle.


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